$70,000 U.S. Visa Sponsorship Opportunities in 2024/2025 – Apply Now

What is Visa Sponsorship?

Visa sponsorship availability shows that an employer is willing to get a work visa for highly qualified individuals who live outside the United States. Employers need to show that they’re able to fill jobs with qualified employees from the US to be eligible for visa sponsorship.

The H-1B visa is the most common form of proof for foreign workers with advanced skills, but seasonal workers in hospitality and agriculture can also obtain visas. These visas are only valid temporarily and must be renewed regularly.

When an organization sponsors a work visa for a new employee, they assist in completing the application, preparing labor certification documents, and presenting the visa petitioner.

What Industries Have Visa Sponsorships Available?

Employers in several industries use work visas to solve shortages of workers. Visa sponsorships are most common in technology but can also be found in higher education, medicine, engineering, and finance.

However, seeking to sponsor a work visa requires much analysis and documentation. An employer must first look for candidates in the United States.

They have to after that provide paperwork to the US Department of Labor showing that they were unable to find a US citizen with the capabilities required for the position.

To hire a foreign candidate, firms must submit sponsorship documents confirming the individual is highly qualified for the post and will earn the same wage as those in the USA.

Tips on How to find jobs that sponsor H-1B visas

Here’s how to find jobs that sponsor H-1B visas:

Begin with an entry-level online search. Using search engines, you can uncover infographics and list-style articles on companies that promote and sponsor H-1B visa applicants.

Alternatively, you might look into internet databases or websites that provide information about H-1B visa prospects. You can utilize this search method to compile a list of specific organizations or agencies to whom you want to apply.

Work with global companies. While living in your own country, consider working with multinational corporations such as global consulting organizations.

These organizations have clients in a variety of nations, including the United States, and may provide networking opportunities to assist you secure H-1B sponsorship.

An overseas company may also be able to move you to a position in the United States and offer resources to help with the application process.

Determine your areas of expertise. Organizing your goals and identifying your top skills will help you find jobs that match your qualifications.

For many H-1B visa applicants, their primary field of study determines their professional focus. If you’re still pursuing a bachelor’s or higher degree, think about how your current or future education will help you achieve your long-term career goals.

You can contact with a career counselor to make sure you’re on track to meet your overseas employment ambitions.

Create a list of ideal work opportunities. Consider generating a list of the basic types of businesses you’d like to work for, such as a research analysis firm or a huge technology corporation.

Look for firms that not only serve your sector but also provide competitive salaries and other workplace advantages.

This technique can help you restrict your job search and apply to firms that sponsor H-1B visas.

What Documents Do You Need For U.S Sponsorship?

Before you apply for a US work visa, you must first have a job offer from a specific US firm. The company will next sponsor your visa by submitting a petition to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).
An Affidavit of Support, commonly known as Form I-864, is a document that an individual signs to take financial responsibility for an applicant coming to live in the United States. The person who signs the Affidavit of Support is often known as the “sponsor.

This sort of work visa is part of a larger category of visas known as petition-based visas.
If the petition is authorized, you can then apply for a work visa at a US consulate or embassy in your home country.
The qualifications for a work visa differ based on the type of visa you’re seeking, however, most work visa applicants must meet the following general standards.

  • You must have a work offer from a US employer.
  • Your job must fall under one of the approved occupations for a work visa.

Requirements for the job include education and/or work experience.

  • Proof of return to home country is necessary once the work visa expires
  • 2 to 3 passport-sized colored photographs and Social Security number for those in the US
  • Two demand drafts, $45 for the processing fee and $100 for the issuance fee, and a Copy of your current license, if any required for your occupation if you’re in the state

Benefits of Visa Sponsorship

  • Allows qualified people to work, study, or live in the country legally.
  • Offers financial assistance and guidance to new immigrants.
  • Helps firms fill vacant positions with skilled international workers.
  • Promotes cultural exchange and international cooperation.

Types of U.S. Visas Sponsored by Employers

US nonimmigrant visas are for temporary stays in the country. They are not Green Cards and do not give the right to their holders to become US citizens.
There are many types of US nonimmigrant visas, but some of the most popular are the employment ones.
The nonimmigrant visas that need employment sponsorship are outlined below.

  • H-1B visa – Person in Specialty Occupation;
  • H-2A visa – Temporary Agricultural Workers;
  • H-2B visa – Temporary Non-Agricultural Workers;
  • L1 visas – Intercompany transfers going to the US due to specialized knowledge or to take on managerial or executive positions;
  • O-1A visa – People with extraordinary abilities in business, science, athletics, and education;
  • O-1B visa – People with extraordinary abilities in the arts, television, and film industries;
  • O-2 visa – Personnel assisting those with O-1A and O-1B visas.

Top Companies Offering Visa Sponsorship

U.S. employers rely on the H-1B visa program to access talent pools outside of the United States and find candidates with the specific skills necessary for a position.

Plus, H-1B visas encourage the creation of diverse and inclusive companies with workers from various backgrounds.

  • CISCO: Cisco has been a part of the Silicon Valley scene for several decades, becoming a sprawling global IT network.

The multinational conglomerate boasts almost 80,000 employees in offices across the world, making it one of the most internationally focused-high-tech firms. Cisco had approvals for 1,195 H-1B visas in 2024,

  • GOOGLE: As one of the world’s tech titans, Google has amassed a legion of employees that spans across six continents.

In recent years, the company has worked to strengthen its diversity and inclusion initiatives, establishing a range of programs to foster diversity within the global tech community.

The company had approval for 4,043 H-1B visa applications in 2024.

  • MICROSOFT: Throughout the 2010s, Microsoft has ramped up its diversity and inclusion initiatives in an attempt to bolster its status as a global household name. In 2023, the company received approval for 3,547 H-1B visas.

Most Popular and Best Types of Visa Sponsorship Available Jobs and Salary Rage in 2024

If you are interested in a Visa Sponsorship Available job, here are some kinds of positions to explore for this type of job available

High Paying Visa Sponsorship Available Jobs

  • Summer Visa Sponsorship Available. Salary range: $26,000 to $43,500 per year

Summer jobs are an important aspect of American society for kids in their teens and beyond, but not all of them are made equal.

The correct work can make the difference between a good summer and a bad one.

Good summer employment for teenagers includes camp counselor, sports caddy, nanny jobs, eatery delivery, retail sales, as well as apprenticeships.

  • Sponsorship for internship visas. Available salary range: $26,000-$36,500 annually.

An internship is a position in your desired field that pays little or no money but allows you to obtain real-world experience.

This could set you aside during your future job search. Employers generally demand internships for entry-level candidates.

  • Director Visa Sponsorship Available. Salary range: $91,000-$151,000 per year

A director is a low-level supervisor in a corporation or organization who oversees a certain project, region, or division. A company’s director is responsible for managing the day-to-day business operations of a group or division within an organization.

There are various types of directors, but all are responsible for directing others and achieving the organization’s goals. Directors plan, execute, and manage to achieve an objective.

For example, the sales director would be in charge of the sales for a specific product or location.

An HR director would be responsible for assessing applicants, employing the best candidates, ensuring compliance with all employment laws, and resolving any personnel difficulties.

  • Freelance Visa Sponsorship is available. Salary range: $50,500-$128,500 per year

Freelancers are self-employed. As a freelancer, you complete work for clients and bill them for it.

The type of clients you have depends on the services you provide. Customers can be individuals or businesses. A full-time freelancer frequently works on numerous clients’ projects at the same time.

Some common freelancing services include writing, editing, graphic design, web design, marketing, programming, accounting, and bookkeeping.

Freelancing is perfect for those who want to be their own boss and are prepared to sell themselves in order to achieve their sales targets.

  • Per Diem Visa Sponsorship Is Available. Salary range: $62,000-$95,000 per year

Per diem, employment are short-term positions that pay per day. The most prevalent per diem job options are in medicine, which includes nursing, hospice, pediatrics, and midwifery.

Phlebotomists, operating room assistants, and pharmacists may also work on a per diem basis. Per Diem personnel are often employed to work as admissions coordinators, recreation coordinators, and assistants.

  • Manager visa sponsorship. Available Salary range: $75,000 to $81,500 per year

Managers lead a team of people, setting goals, assigning tasks, and tracking success.

Someone in a management position’s specific responsibilities will change depending on the firm and industry in which they work, but their primary responsibilities will remain mostly consistent.

Managers keep track of their employees’ accomplishments while keeping their longer-term objectives in mind.

They collaborate with Human Resources to identify and manage staffing shortages, coordinate and allocate roles, monitor employee performance, and provide extra training and instruction as needed.

  • Sponsorship for work-from-home visas. Available Salary range: $75,000 to $81,500 per year

A work-from-home job can be any job that does not require you to be present in an office. There are numerous work-from-home opportunities. Some firms allow employees in common jobs to work remotely for all or part of the day.

These careers often depend on technology for meetings, tasks, and cooperation. This approach is known as telecommuting.

Other work-from-home alternatives include customer support representatives who are hired remotely, as well as part-time virtual assistants who oversee work that does not require a physical presence in the office.

  • Sponsorship for entry-level visas. Available Salary range: $44,000 to $53,000 per year

Entry-level employment does not require any previous experience in the field. Most entry-level positions are geared at high school or university graduates as a way to prepare for a future career.

Someone attending university may have majored in their dream job sector, but they will still need to start in entry-level employment to gain real-world experience.

Some students progress from internships to entry-level jobs, although most entry-level positions do not require prior employment or on-site training.

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