Apply now for the 2024 University Of Michigan Scholarships up to $ 25,000 to $35,000

University Of Michigan 2024 Scholarship Program

Each academic year, the university’s High Potential Scholarship program awards 150 partially funded scholarships worth $35,000 (which include a monthly stipend and a reduction in tuition fees) to highly qualified international students who have been accepted into one of the University of Michigan undergraduate, masters, or doctoral programs.
The University Scholarship Fund-funded High Potential Scholarships and the J.Morgan Grant-funded Albright Scholarship are the two aspects of the scholarship program. The Vanderbilt University funds both of them.
It was created for international students who want to study a full degree program but are not citizens of the United States of America.

University Of Michigan High Potential Scholarship Program

Application deadline: March 20, 2024 Studying in the US Undergraduate: University of Michigan is the sponsor for this program. Men and Women are categorized by Gender

Benefits of the University Of Michigan High Potential Scholarship Program
Amount of the High Potential Scholarship Programme 2024-2025

  • Living expenses
  • Health & liability insurance
  • Visa application costs
  • Tuition fees
  • Pre-Academic Training costs
  • International Student Ambassador Programme (ISAP) Desk
  • $25,000.00 Paid to students by UM International Services, These amounts are subject to change for the academic year 2024-2025

Please note that the room that will be offered to you by the University of Michigan Housing, will cost an average of $450 per month in rent. This is based on a room in the guesthouse with shared shower and toilet rooms (male/female) & kitchen facilities.
If you wish to avail of a different room, please keep in mind this will have an impact on your monthly allowance.
The amount of $25,000 for living expenses ($ 975 per month) covers the following expenses and can be broken down as follows (amounts are subject to change):

  • Housing: $ 450
  • Groceries and personal hygiene: $ 140
  • Telephone: $ 60
  • Travel: $ 70
  • Books and study materials: $ 60
  • Clothing, hobbies and going out: $ 105
  • Miscellaneous: $ 90

Requirements for University Of Michigan High Potential Scholarship Program

All candidates must meet the following requirements:

  • You meet the conditions to get a US entrance visa and residency permit and are a citizen of a nation other than the US, the EU/EEA, Switzerland, or Surinam.
  • There is no dual nationality with you from an EU or EEA countries.
  • For the academic year 2024–2025, you have submitted an application to be admitted to a full-time participating undergraduate, master’s, or doctoral program at the university.
  • You are eligible to apply to the program for which you meet the special prerequisites for admission.
  • In the United States, you have never taken part in a program leading to a degree. We encourage applications from students who have finished exchange programs.

Your age as of September 1, 2024, cannot be more than 45. You have completed previous educational programs with distinction, as attested to by your most recent grade transcript or by academic achievement certification.
In case many applicants possess equal qualifications, our institution will prioritize those whose academic transcript or certified letter of academic excellence indicates that they rank in the top 5% of the applicants for the 2024–2025 scholarship program.
Remember that only 30% of candidates will be given the scholarship because it is extremely tough. This scholarship has full funding, which includes waivers of some application fees and partial school expenses.

Selection Process and Procedure

The UM International Services Desk checks if all applications are complete after 1 February 2024.
The UM International Services Desk sends all complete applications to each UM Faculty in February 2024.
Each Faculty selects and ranks their top 30% of scholarship applicants and sends these to the UM International Services for a final check in February 2024.
The UM International Services Desk confirms the Faculty selections by the end of February 2024.
The UM International Services Desk will inform all candidates of their application status in the stipulated time. Your status will be selected, listed or rejected by the beginning of February 2024 at the latest.
Wait for listed application statuses will be changed to selected or rejected by March 2024. Scholarship awardees will receive more information about the UM Pre-Academic Training programme and arrival upon receiving their award letters.
The UM Pre-Academic Training is a three-week mandatory component of the UM NL Scholarship programme. The Pre-Academic Training takes place in March 2024.
You must sign and return the award letter to the UM International Services to accept the scholarship.

Application Documents

Fill out the application form using your UM account. You’ll need to upload several documents, including:

  • Curriculum Vitae: Keep it relevant and within two A4 pages.
  • Letter of Motivation: Use the provided template to express your enthusiasm for the scholarship.
  • Proof of Academic Excellence: Showcase your academic achievements with your transcript or a letter from your institution.
  • Personal Statement of Financial Needs: Explain your financial situation and why this scholarship would benefit you.
  • A Reference Letter: From a professor, lecturer, or employer (but not a family member), highlighting why you’re a great candidate.

The University of Michigan Scholarship Application Deadline

March 20, 2024

How to Apply for The University of Michigan Scholarship

Interested and qualified? Go to the University of Michigan to apply

  • Step 1: Register for one of the participating programs at UM First, sign up for a participating program at the University of Michigan, Please visit the official website for your prospective program to find out more about how to apply to the University of Michigan graduate programs.
    You will get a student ID number from the University of Michigan after submitting your application through their website. The Scholarship Application Form must be filled out and submitted with a student number (see Step 2 below).
  • Note that only the programs listed previously eligible you for the University of Michigan NL-High Prospects Scholarship.
  • It should be noted that obtaining your student ID requires applying to the program at the University of Michigan and remitting part of your tuition before you can apply for a scholarship.

But to get a scholarship, your application for admission to your program must be officially accepted.
Please be aware that the University International Services Department is not responsible for handling costs if your study program demands them as part of the admissions process. Any processing fees that your program may require are your responsibility to pay.
Also, visit the application’s homepage and look under the menu bar “Admission requirements” to see if there is a processing connection with it.
Step 2: Please fill in the application form, You need to log in with your UM account
Kindly complete the application. Applications can only be submitted through the application form.
Once those documents have been uploaded in PDF, .docx, or.doc format, submit your application. You only have one chance to submit your application, so make sure all of your documentation of support and referee contact information is current.
The UM International Services Department will make sure that your full scholarship application is taken into account for all eligible programs for which you have an approved or partially approved admissions status if you have applied to more than one of the University of Michigan study programs. To learn more, go to the University of Michigan Scholarship website.

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