Graphics Designer Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship

Are you a skilled Graphics designer who is aspiring to soar to a recognised phase in your vocation? well, you are covered as far as you stick with this information.

All over the niche of vocation and empowerment, several firms have decided to transform lives and help with infusing the finance of skilled pioneers. This is not only centred on one party as they are also looking forward to infusing their firm with skilled maestros.

In this phase, we are updated with the vital approach from several Tech firms specialised in Graphics design, this time, Canada who are willing to employ all races.

Before we dive in further, you need to be assured of the fact that they are incredibly in check for all fields but the main objectives this time feature Graphics designers.

Before we hop in further, it’s high time we slightly detail the status of Graphics designing in Canadian firms and what it seems so that you will be detailed with the view of their specific cravings.

What is Graphics Designing?

This is centred only in the field of information which serves as its pinnacle spanning to the meaning that Graphics design is a process of deploying visual communication through unique texts and images mostly advanced via skills.

In the field of firms located in Canada that portray Graphics design, their objectives picture creating the vital forms of design that feature.

Marketing materials, developing logos and branding, and designing websites and digital products. All these create spaces for incredible statuses who would deploy services to dealers who are in need.

In most cases, while we will have to nurture you through, you need to digest that this offer presents you with a satisfying offer that links with your capability and effort.

They are mostly aligned with creativity at the highest peak and the likes of Canada have always provided employees with enchanting offers.

Are you a Graphic Designer with at least a year of experience? Stick with us and explore more.

Canada – The Pinnacle

From the core to date, Nigeria has maintained a good reputation with the highly profiled nation Canada, as they have been recorded as one of the best-partnering countries the Nigerian government and civilians deal with in the field of businesses, education and tourism.

Serving as the pinnacle of this category, it’s high time you digest the folk that the country is safe and maintains a rigid protocol over human rights as long as you don’t breach the law.

Hasten up your cravings and get ready to explore even further.

Companies that offer this opportunity in Canada

You might be worried about population but in this phase, there are over 30 firms offering Jobs in Canada, and today, they are willing to enhance in all races. Below are firms offering Jobs for skilled graphics designers.

  • Ogilvy: a global advertising, marketing, and public relations agency with offices in Montreal and Toronto.
  • Rethink: a full-service creative agency with offices in Vancouver and Toronto.
  • DDB Canada: an advertising and marketing agency with offices in Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal.
  • Sid Lee: a creative agency with offices in Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver.
  • The Richards Group: a full-service advertising agency with an office in Vancouver.

Among all these companies hiring and offering Jobs, we will enlighten you on the profile of the most dominant of all ‘Ogilvy’ before briefly touching on other mentioned firms above.

Ogilvy Firm

Ogilvy is a global advertising, marketing, and public relations agency embossed with offices that range in more than 100 countries across the globe.

The highly profiled firm was founded founded in 1948 and to date, is recognised as part of the WPP Group, one of the world’s largest communications services groups.

Over the years, Ogilvy has maintained a rigid office in Montreal and Toronto, where the firm deploys services with patrons in various firms including automotive, consumer goods, financial services, and healthcare.

The firm’s main objectives as you anticipated are embedded in creativity and communications.

This firm is currently open as of the time the article is published and is willing to employ a vast number of Graphic designers before the deadline.

Benefits and Salary

If you secure a space as an employee in the Oglivy firm, you will benefit incredibly financially and physically as a Nigerian. This is because the firm offers a satisfying salary that ranges from about $1k and other convincing fees judged by hierarchy.

As an employee, Oglivy firm will offer you several benefits apart from Salary. This covers the fields of discount, medication, insurance, Retirement, Education and vacation.

Discount features the employee bonuses that the company deploy to their work rates and time to ensure their employee is healthy.

In the phase of medication, as an Oglivy firm employee, you will not have to bother about your medical expenses as the firm will cover them via their budget.

Stretching their benefit to Insurance, Oglivy firm offers vision insurance and life insurance.

The firm also covers the educational fees of its employees who would want to further their education.

Retirement is also covered as employees will be paid over $400k as a retirement plan ranging for years.

Despite their heated view of scheduled activities, they offer limited satisfying time for their stressed employees to explore the world under their sponsorship.

Protocols to follow while applying for a Job in Ogilvy firm

  • Review the company’s website and LinkedIn page to learn more about its culture and values.
  • Research the specific job you’re interested in and make sure you meet the qualifications.
  • Tailor your resume and cover letter to highlight your relevant experience and skills.
  • Apply for the position through the company’s website or LinkedIn page.
  • Follow up with the company after you apply to show your interest and enthusiasm.

Note that the above strategies are linked to people living in Canada. As a Nigerian, you will have to follow the protocol below;

  • Be aware of the time difference and any language barriers that may exist.
  • Emphasize the skills and experience that are most relevant to the position you’re applying for.
  • Be prepared to interview via video conferencing or other online methods.
  • Research the visa requirements for working in Canada.
  • Be patient and persistent, as the process may take longer than you’re used to.

Sponsorship and Visa

They are offering sponsorship as they are willing to cover up visas and accommodation for the lucky ones. Visit their official website and apply now.

Amid the registration and application, if you are approved be assured that you will be offered free accommodation. This covers your rent as you will also be paid in a satisfying currency.


Graphic design is the peak reason why Information is passed in an advanced view and its influence has been able to boost economic goals and fulfil dreams.

This is because, since the vocation soared to the firm, a vast number of people have been funded financially as they are employed and given the right space to deploy their potential to the consumers.

Having applied for this great opportunity, digest that you should exercise patience as it takes longer than most people anticipate and be sure that you followed application protocols accurately.

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