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If you wish to relocate to the Canada, one of the most important things you’ll need is to get a good job, most especially High Paying Jobs in Canada for Immigrants.
It takes effort and constant searching to find the perfect job. Good news for you, we’ve made a list of High Paying Jobs in Canada for Immigrants, to give you an insight into the job market available in Canada.

Top Most Lucrative and High Paying Jobs in Canada for Immigrants 2024

  • Computer and Information Systems Managers: well many doubt if this really pays well, but the truth remain that, as the world advances in technology In Canada, even world at large, this is the most well-paying job sector.
    However, the managers earn the biggest salaries. They could possible earn around $303,001 (£170,190) per year on average, and $128,003 (£73,549) with just job experience.
    A degree in computer science, business administration, commerce, or engineering is mostly needed for this jobs.
    Also work experience in systems analysis, data administration, software engineering, network design or computer programming is a huge plus.
    The job role of a computer and information systems manager in the workplace entails identifying their company’s technical requirements.
    They strive to satisfy those requirements through the implementation of computer hardware, software, and applications.
    These sector are highly demand for and about 70.000 jobs are expected to arise within 6 years.
  • Judges: this set of individual interpret and apply the law, evaluate the facts given in cases, and serve as a mediator between the litigants

An average yearly pay for a professional judges in Canada is £140,371, $244,316 making them one the best-paid professions in the country.
The highest recorded yearly income for this occupation is £170,797, $297,273 with judges in province like Manitoba earning up to $303,430 – £174,333 annually.
However, you need a prior experience as a professional lawyer or a professor of law, with 10 years of membership in a province or territorial law society or bar associations.

  • Specialist Physicians and Physiotherapist: Specialist physicians are doctors who is well trained and certify in a particular field, such as psychiatry, anesthesia, neurosurgery, cardiology, or surgery,
    They help diagnose illnesses and give a better cure for them. Some also treat psychological, mental issues in their fields of profession and they can also serve as consultants.
    Province like Newfoundland and Labrador, on the other hand, are the best paid province in such field in Canada, earning about $498,690 annually, and may likely to increase.
    An average of $141,307 (£81,187) a year is paid to this professions, but can earn up to $305,357.
    They also have General practitioners and family physicians they provide treatment and health education to their client. Private practices, hospitals, and clinics are majorly common places for them to work.
    They are paid an average of $125,955 annually, however this can rise to $263,045 in province like Saskatchewan.
    However, you must have pass the Medical Council of Canada’s qualifying examinations and obtain licensed by government.

High Paying Jobs in Canada for Immigrants without a Degree

  • Construction, Production, Transportation, and Utilities Managers: Senior Managers in the field of construction, utility, and transportation, production industries are the once in charge of the entire operations of their respective field.
    They may take on different roles like finance, marketing, or human resources. Senior management positions are paid about $109,990 per year depending on experience.
    Also Deputy Directors of companies in Canada is another well pay executive’s job, in most Canadian companies today.
    For one to be a deputy director in Canada it depends on the field he is into. A Master’s degree is been require, Deputy Directors of most companies in Canada are been paid an annual average salary of $141,471.
  • Professors and Lecturers: 2012/2023 research shows that, Canada has the top salary for professors out of 30 nations.
    University professors and lecturers make an average of $104,000 (£59,757) per year but may earn up to $138,673 (£79,680) each year
  • Engineers in field like, Mechanical, Electrical, welding and Aerospace: Today in Canada, all these mentioned engineers are well paid in demand in different aspects of their job positions.
    Companies or organisations who demand their services are willing to pay high in order to get them.
    Reason is that, the demand for production in this professions in Canada is very high and the labour force is low.
    So, that attract more labour force in those industries, in 2023, it is said that the government of Canada provides over 70,000 jobs opportunity in Canada for Engineers in field like, Mechanical, Electrical, welding and Aerospace before the next 6 years.
    This means that those with good experience in field like, Mechanical, Electrical, welding and Aerospace in Canada are likely to have a high paying jobs or employments. Canada, engineers are paid an annual average salary of $100,000.

Salary expectations of High Paying Jobs in Canada for Immigrants

  • Dentist: Dentists are in highly demanded in Canada due to the increase in an ageing population and massive awareness of oral health.
    They might work in private practice to addition to their places of employment which may include hospitals, health clinics, and schools/research institutes.
    To practice dentistry in Canada, you need a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) or Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) degree from an approved dental school, as well as a license in province where you want to work.
    Dentists often earn between 100,000 and 200,000 Canadian dollars per year. Wages vary according on experience, geography, and the type of practice.
  • Data Scientist: assist of corporate objectives and making procedures, analyze and interpret large volumes of complicate, data scientists are often needed for this, so the demand for this jobs is high in Canada,
    They work in all sector, including real estate, marketing, constructions, finance, healthcare, education and technology.
    Your ability to make more money as a data scientist can be determine by your work experience and qualifications.
    Data scientists averagely earn at least $90,000 to $150,000 yearly, though salaries might change depending on experience, province, and job sector.
  • Human Resources Manager:  human resources roles includes hiring, create and put into practice human resources policies and processes ,compensation, give management and staff advice and direction ,benefits, employee relations, and make sure the workforce is efficiently managed for the company
    You typically need a relevant work experience in human resources, also having a Professional qualifications, such as the Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR), can also help you.
    Salaries for human resources managers is on average of $80,000 to $120,000 annually.

In conclusion to this , looking for a High Paying Jobs in Canada for Immigrants .There are things to consider before relocating to Canada, which maybe including low crime rates, living expenses, and an easy banking system,
However, the jobs professions mentioned above is the High Paying Jobs in Canada for Immigrants, with a good working conditions.

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