Japan Work Visa Immigration 2024 | Fully Guide

Do you wish to travel to Japan? We have provided you an opportunity to fulfill your goal of traveling to Japan. Due to the demographic challenge of an aging population and the rising need for foreign talent.

Japan intends to welcome approximately 500,000 foreign workers into the workforce by 2025. It is an excellent opportunity for folks to obtain a Japan Work Visa 2024. Read the entire article for more information.

Details of Japan Work Visa 2024

Host Country: Japan.
Visa Type: Japan Work Visa.
Eligibility requirements include International applicants.

What is a Japan Work Visa?

The Japan work visa allows overseas visitors to stay and work in Japan without restriction. Japan offers two categories of work visas:

  • Highly skilled professional visa
  • Working Visa in Japan


  1. Japan Working Visa: The Japan working visa, which can be awarded for one, three, or five years, is a common type of visa that many international workers can obtain. It does not require any prior work experience or skills.

  2. Highly Skilled Professional Visa:
  • A/B/C Highly Skilled Professional:

It is intended for persons who are involved in specialist technical tasks or advanced academic research. This visa is valid for five years.

  • Specialized Highly Skilled Professional:

For this visa, foreigners must have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree as well as appropriate experience.

  • Highly Skilled Foreign Professional.

This visa is accessible to those with advanced skills and experience.

Japanese Work Visa Cost

Japan Visa fees range from 3000 JPY for a single entry and 6000 JPY for multiple entries, payable upon approval.

Japan Visa Sponsorship Jobs

A lot of jobs await in Japan. I provide some website links below where you can find a perfect job for yourself.

What Are The Eligible Professions in Japan For Work Visa

Japan offers work visas for many different areas of professions, including artists, bankers, business managers, English-speaking professionals, engineers, electrical experts, instructors, IT professionals, journalists, legal and accounting professionals, mechanics, medical service providers, military personnel, nursing care professionals, professors, religious leaders, researchers, school teachers, and service staff.

Required documents

passports and visa application form.

Please provide a photograph, a certificate of education, a job offer letter, and educational credentials.

How to Apply?

First, obtain a work offer from a Japanese company and submit the necessary documentation to your Japanese employer for COE application. Find the Japanese embassy or consulate and apply for a work visa. After that, submit your visa application along with the relevant documents and wait 5 to 6 working days for processing.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Website: https://www.mofa.go.jp/j_info/visit/visa/long/index.html
Japan’s Immigration Website: https://www.moj.go.jp/isa

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